Songs From A Trailer

by Hayburner

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    Debut E.P. by Hayburner, from San Luis Obispo County, California. Thoughtful songwriting, haunting vocal harmonies and raw elements of folk, bluegrass and old time music get grandpa and grandson clanking beers all night long.

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Hayburner San Luis Obispo, California

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Track Name: Birdie on The Wire
Birdie on the wire, birdie on the wire
Did you see that sunrise set the woods on fire?
Did this new dawn breaking fill you with desire
To fly to different places, birdie on the wire?

Birdie on the wire
Birdie on the wire

How I wish that I could be just as free as you
But I'm burdened by my feet itchin' in these shoes
The world is full of sorrow, aint much I can do
I'd leave this town tomorrow if it would cure my blues

Track Name: Names in the Pines
Well, it must have been ten years ago
When we first went down to that swimming hole
The water, it was fine
As we jumped into the river your face was lit with laughter
You carved our names into that pine

Well, we sat on the bank and we smoked and we drank
You kissed me like the end of the world
At the end of the summer, I was more than your lover
I was your friend, your confidant, your girl

Now this place once so pure isn't that way anymore
And I'll meet you when the moon is high
We must leave our love a secret
You know I will keep it
For the names carved into the pines

I'll wait for you till the winter is through
Leaves fall one by one
Though I know you're not coming, I feel your footsteps running
Through my mind, oh lord, through my mind.